Charting new paths to growth by standing apart from the competition

Growth and Differentiation

Many wealth managers have ambitious goals. We help them develop a clear strategy to realize their vision and set them apart from the competition.


To stay ahead, wealth managers must make difficult choices on where to seek growth, from new and existing markets. We help wealth managers develop and execute organic and merger and acquisitions (M&A) driven growth strategies by focusing on where they can create differentiated value for financial advisors and their clients.

Market Entry

Choosing to enter a new market or channel is one of the most challenging and potentially impactful decisions that wealth managers can make. We help our clients determine the potential of new markets by assessing their ability to ensure they can succeed.


Wealth managers understand the need to improve their digital capabilities to succeed in today’s markets. They also understand the need to make informed choices on where to focus their limited budgets.  We help our clients prioritize digital opportunities across lines of business, products and services.



Using new methodologies to enhance client and financial advisor experiences

Client and Advisor Centric Experiences

The demand for a differentiated user experience (UX) has never been more prevalent throughout the client lifecycle.

We help bridge the gap between financial advisors and their clients. Taking a customer-centric view, our innovation teams use design thinking principles to help you achieve your organizational objectives and meet your clients’ needs.

Each solution within our design and build approach drives optimal experience across  different operating models such as direct to consumer, digitally enabled advisor-led and hybrid models. 




Integrating new technologies to improve operational efficiency

Continues Progression Towards Efficiency

By streamlining processes and leveraging emerging technologies, our clients can address operational inefficiencies to focus on high-value activities benefiting the bottom line.

Target Operating Model: Design an adaptive organizational model built around business functions defined for optimal service models, supported by an integrated technological architecture

Custody and Clearing: Business case modeling for self-clearing and fully disclosed clearing solutions to identify costs and benefits in vendor

Client-centric models: Establish service models that include functional alignment for specialization and segmentation based servicing, through governance driven management to provide an enhanced client experience

Service Centers: Seamless omnichannel integration across phone, visual interactive voice response (IVR), and live chat to support various methods of customer engagement, while leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics for enhanced service capabilities

Robotics: Leverage robotics process automation/smart routing to enable self-servicing for mass-affluent client segments

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Use artificial intelligence applications to enable virtual assistants and predictive analytics and help streamline experiences for clients/internal agents



Improving products and services, tools, and platforms for everchanging client demand

Enhancing Products, Platforms, and Tools

We provide the industry knowledge required to enhance existing products and services, build interactive tools, and provide seamless platform integration to meet changing client demands in an evolving landscape. 

New Products: Expanding existing product lineups to provide clients full suite access across banking, insurance, and wealth; creating ‘primary advisor’ relationships with holistic advice

Advisory Simplification: Consolidating redundant advisory accounts while creating a more holistic process to manage against clients’ investment goals

Risk Analysis Tools: Implementing industry-leading risk and portfolio analytics (BlackRock Aladdin) throughout advisor applications encouraging a shift from brokerage to advisory products

Goals Based Financial Planning: Developing goals-based tools to deliver a focused plan; driving behavioral success across a client’s primary investment goals

Advisor Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrating in-house and vendor platforms across multiple verticals to allow singular access with a favorable client experience

Performance Management: Developing E2E frameworks using KPIs to identify successful performance and user adoption metrics across products, tools, and platforms



Driving successful adoption across new tools, platforms, products, and services

User Adoption is Key

With ever-increasing regulatory demands and digitization, wealth firms are going through times of complex change. We understand the need for tailored transformation programs to adopt change across institutions of all sizes.

Launch Strategy: Analyze end users to create personas to accelerate product adoption. Design pilot metrics and identify change agents needed to scale user engagement

Campaign Management: Translate program strategy into a cohesive plan of action. Manage launch delivery partners: marketing, communications, training and support teams

Content Development: Define product positioning, value proposition, and key messaging for communications. Design robust learning curriculums and engaging training collateral

Adoption Tracking: Analyze pilot metrics and KPIs spanning usage and adoption. Leverage metrics to enhance products, tools, platforms, and services driving continued user adoption 



Enhancing operations for rapidly changing regulatory environments

Addressing Regulatory Compliance

Our Center of Regulatory Intelligence helps clients implement emerging regulatory change and assist firms with end-to-end transformation: from strategic response, to roadmap planning, and through the execution of change.

SEC Best Interest Rule: Assisting institutions with compliance to manage operational risks with the SECs new disruptive ‘Best Interest Rule’ in September 2019

DFS 187: Helping insurance and annuity providers respond to the NYDFS rule requiring enhanced consumer protections mitigating conflicts of interest 

Know Your Customer (KYC): Enhancing KYC frameworks applying the Customer Account Risk Rating (CARR) methodology, while helping firms adhere to FinCEN customer due diligence (CDD) rules improving financial transparency

Advice: Guiding institutions towards effective risk management, while providing enough rationale for algorithmic recommendations governed by the SEC/FINRA when implementing new technologies